Air Quality Control

Air pollution caused by vehicle emissions has not improved due to the increasing traffic volume, particularly of diesel vehicles, and countermeasures have long been delayed in Japan.
Under such circumstances, TMG has taken various measures so far to improve the condition, including diesel vehicle emission control and increased usage of low emission vehicles, and promotion of Transportation Demand Management (TDM).
In Tokyo Metropolitan area, the volume of CO2 emissions linked to transportation in fiscal year 2007 amounted to 13.87 million tons, and this accounts for approximately one-quarter of the entire GHG emissions from metropolitan area. TMG indicated that it would deploy sustainable traffic measures in the sector of transportation. This would be done with the aim of promoting the use of low-environmental load, high-efficiency vehicles by the residents of Tokyo and companies and of realizing a city in which everyone can appreciate a safe and comfortable mobile environment.


* 2011/7/27

Operation of the Railway Companies and Power Saving Measures in Summer 2011


* Jan. 17th, 2011
Symposium “Regulations on Diesel Vehicles as a Measure against Climate Change”


* Promoting EV, pHVs
   - Subsidies, Tax exemptions

Photochemical Smog Information

* Photochemical Smog Information(in Japanese)

* Criteria for issuing a Photochemical Smog Warning(how to read the information)

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