District Energy Planning System for Effective Utilization

In Tokyo, urban development is actively underway mainly in intown areas, and large-quantity and high-density energy demand is growing in these areas.
The planning system for effective use of energy in districts was introduced in January 2010 to promote effective use of energy in such large-scale development. It is required for those who conduct large-scale development projects to newly build buildings with a total floor area of more than 50,000 square meters (specified developers) to submit their plans that describe the measures for effective use of energy (consideration of utilization of unused energy and renewable energy, consideration of introduction of district cooling and heating, etc.) in an early stage of preparation of development plans. Details of plans are opened to the public on the official website of TMG.
Details of environmental considerations in development projects are disclosed by this system, and urban development of low-CO2 type with less environmental loads is expected to be promoted.


Flow Chart

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