Environmental Energy Reporting Program

The sale of electric power in Japan was partially liberalized in FY2000. Currently, companies that receive extra-high- voltage and high-voltage power supply at their place of business may choose to purchase electricity from PPSs in addition to GEUs. This has led to a diversification of electricity suppliers. In March 2005, the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Environmental Preservation was revised to introduce an environmental energy reporting program. Under this program, electricity suppliers operating in Tokyo are required to report their CO2 emission factors (the amount of CO2 emitted per kWh of electricity supplied), a target for reducing their emission factors, a target for renewable energy volume, and other targets and actual data. (As of FY2013, 25 electricity suppliers submit plans and reports under this program.) The purpose of this program is to improve the environmental properties of electricity supplied within Tokyo by encouraging electricity suppliers to plan and execute reductions in their CO2 emission factors. The results submitted by the electricity suppliers are published, making it easier for users to select environmentally conscious electricity suppliers.

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