Renewable Energy

 TMG has indicated that it aspires to increase the ratio of renewable energy use to about 20 % of Tokyo's energy consumption by 2020. This usage target includes the use of renewable energy produced not just within the metropolitan area but also outside the metropolitan area based on the utilization of green power certificates and other tools. In other words, we aim to expand the demand for renewable energy in Tokyo, a region of enormous energy consumption, contribute to the expansion of the provision of renewable energy on a nationwide basis, rather than limit such provision to the Tokyo area. Of course, as renewable energy consists of energy generated in local areas where the notion of local production for local consumption is possible, we are proactively promoting the use of photovoltaic power generation, solar heat, and geothermal heat, and the introduction of renewable energy on a significant scale wherever possible on the premises and in the buildings of Tokyo residents and business operations.




Subsidy for solar thermal utilization system
* Formulation of Tokyo Renewable Energy Strategy(Apr.3.2006)
* Establishment of “Study Committee on Green Heat Certificate Aimed at Expanding Solar Heat Utilization”
* Commencement of Inter-regional Partnership on Renewable Energy
* Announcement of Opening of Eco-conscious Model House Park
* Approval of the First Green Heat Certificate Issuing Equipment in Japan

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