Tokyo Metropolitan Government formulated "Green Plan2012-Tokyo city Biodibersity-″

 “TOKYO GREEN PLAN 2012”  shows TMG’s current measures and the future directions of its green policy, it partly serves as Regional Biodiversity Strategy as stipulated in the Basic Act on Biodiversity.

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TMG formulated “Guidelines for Selecting Native Species for Greening”

TMG formulated "Tokyo Green Plan 2012- City Biodiversity Strategy" in 2012 for securing quantity and quality of greenery. Before formulating this strategy, we promoted to secure the quantity of greenery by using the “Greenery Program” based on Tokyo Nature Conservation Ordinance and we successfully secured the amount of greenery in urban areas. However, many developers tended to select many cultivars and invasive alien species including domestic origin for considering maintenance and pest control. As a result, some cultivars or invasive species spread their habitats and seriously impacted on the habitats for native species. As the same time, we have a limit for creating new green spaces in urban areas, so we should promote an increase in the quality of small green spaces and networking of habitats for indigenous wild life. So we published this guideline in 2014 and we set 2 goals of this guideline: greening for biodiversity conservation and networking for indigenous wild life.

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