Green Tokyo Fund

With a broad range of support from residents and businesses in Tokyo, we started the Green Tokyo Fundraising Campaign in October 2007 to reconstruct metropolis Tokyo into a green-rich city, and to hand over precious greenery to the children who live in the next generation.

The fund raising target is 800 million yen in three years (up to FY2010). The contributions collected will be used for the following projects:

1. "Creation of Umi-no-Mori (Sea Forest)" This project is aimed at planting trees in a landfill site filled with wastes and surplus soil in Tokyo Bay and having the site become born again as lush forest land.

2. "Doubling of roadside trees" A green-rich, beautiful and charming city is created by planting more trees along the roads now exist.

3. "Covering schoolyards with lawns" Schoolyards of public schools in Tokyo are covered with lawns to create schoolyards where children can really enjoy themselves and learn.

4. "Creation of forests with less pollen" Cedars as the cause of pollinosis are cut down and seedlings of trees with less pollen are planted instead to renew forests.

Characteristics and mechanism of fundraising campaign


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