Message from the Governor of Tokyo

Shintaro Ishihara Governor of Tokyo

Will our planet as we know it be here 100 years from now?

Global warming is the most critical environmental issue ever faced by humanity. The impacts of global warming are emerging: Glacier lakes of the Himalayas are in the danger of bursting; the island nations of the South Pacific are on the verge of submergence; and even in Tokyo we have been seeing the frequent occurrence of abnormal weather conditions. To halt the progression of global warming, it would be necessary to drastically cut back on the world's carbon dioxide emissions by the mid 21st century.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has taken the place of the central government in presenting pioneering policies to address this challenge. We have raised the aim of reducing Tokyo's greenhouse gas emissions by 25% from 2000 levels by the year 2020, and to achieve this target, have formulated the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Climate Change Policy.

Major cities of the world, with their dense populations, play a crucial role in thwarting global warming. Thus, in addition to the aforementioned independent efforts of the metropolitan government, Tokyo is also a member of the C40 Large Cities Climate Change Initiative, a group of world cities implementing advanced measures against global warming. As one facet of the activities of this group, Tokyo will host the C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change.

Internationally renowned climate change experts will be invited to this conference, and we hope that the people and businesses of Tokyo will share a common sense of crisis on the serious conditions facing us. At this conference, we expect to launch specific joint actions for collaboration between cities, which will fully utilize the advanced technology of Tokyo.

So that we may fulfill our responsibility to our children, our grandchildren, and the many generations to come, Tokyo will continue to implement pioneering environmental policies that will serve as examples to the world, and shall help carve a promising future for cities and our planet.

Your participation in the C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change and your kind support shall be highly appreciated.


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