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C40 Cities

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What is "C40?"

C 40 was advocated by the Mayor of London and established in 2005 to create a network of the world's large cities dedicated to working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.The Tokyo Metropolitan Government became a member of this network in December 2006, with the aim to learn from the best practices of the world's cities in reducing emissions and use this knowledge for the formulation of metropolitan policies, as well as to promote Tokyo's pioneering climate change measures and technologies to the cities of the world.

* Participating Cities (As of Jan., 2010. 40 member cities and 17 affiliate cities)
* Tokyo Joins the Large Cities Climate Leadership Group

C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change

International experts and senior officials were invited to attend the conference, and we discussed not only measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also adaptation measures to protect our lives and society against the effects of global warming. This was the first time for such measures to be discussed by the C40 cities.

* Report of C40 Tokyo Conference

* C40 CITIES CLIMATE LEADERSHIP GROUP C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change
* What is C40? / Past & Future
* C40 Member and Affiliate Cities
* Overview of the C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change
* Keynote Lecture / Symposium
* Session Overview
* For Participants

Governor Shintaro Ishihara attended the C40 Seoul Summit in May, 2009.

The Copenhagen Cli,ate Summit for Mayors

Tokyo Vice Governor Naoki Inose participated in the Copenhagen Climate Summit for Mayors in December, 2009.

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