Tokyo's sister cities

TMG’s Bureau of Environment and Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau both participated in the ‘Tokyo-Beijing Air Quality Management Workshop’ in Tokyo in October 2013.

This workshop focused on public awareness and VOC emission controls in order to improve air quality in both cities.

 On the first day of the workshop, TMG shared our experiences in improving air quality through presentations from experts in the field, and specific measures we have been taking, such as Diesel Vehicle Regulation and VOC Emissions Control Measures.

 On the second day, Beijing delegates visited a diesel vehicle inspection site and learned more about how this regulation operates. We also had discussions about TMG research on PM2.5 and VOC, before visiting one of TMG’s air quality monitoring stations.

 On the third day, the Beijing delegation had chance to visit privately owned facilities, including an oil refinery plant and other facilities that have improved their emissions quality.

 Both cities expressed solid wishes to continue their best efforts in the fight for cleaner air, and will be keeping an open exchange of information and dialogue

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