Environmental Impact Assessments

Before a large-scale development project is commenced, the impact of such project on the environment is surveyed, predicted and assessed, and the impact on the environment is reduced as much as possible by hearing opinions from residents and municipalities concerned. This mechanism is the environmental assessment system.
TMG has conducted the environment assessment since 1981 at the stage of implementation of a project. Those companies that conduct large-scale development projects survey, predict and assess the impact of their projects on the environment, and work out measures for environmental protection based on the results of their survey, prediction and assessment. In this process, they take procedures to hear opinions from local residents and municipalities concerned. Moreover, those companies conduct surveys during execution of work and after completion of work to check if appropriate environmental considerations are actually provided.
Moreover, we revised our ordinance in July 2002, and introduced the planning-stage environmental assessment system to conduct environmental impact assessment at the planning stage of development plans that are made by TMG itself.



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