Sustainable Environmental Transportation

Of the total CO2 emissions in Tokyo, emissions from automobiles in the transportation sector account for about 25% (about 12,280,000 t-CO2 per year).
To achieve the target declared in the Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Master Plan to "reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Tokyo as a whole by 25% from the 2000 level by 2020," it is necessary to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the transportation sector by promoting the introduction of low-environment-load automobiles and by practicing the use of highly efficient automobiles.
TMG will realize "Sustainable Environment on Transportation" through various measures such as solution of traffic congestion by development of road networks, obligation for commercial fleet operators who use 200 or more automobiles in the metropolitan area to introduce "low-pollution and fuel-efficient automobiles" until such automobiles account for 5% or more of their vehicle fleets, promotion of wide use of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and charging equipment by making use of subsidies and tax cuts, and the diffusion and education of environment-friendly way of driving (eco-driving).


Realizing sustainable transportation

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